A product launch that does not give journalists the hump

Here at Paskett PR we’re well versed at launching new products to both the trade and consumer gardening media.

The Handy Camel Bag Clip from Grovewood Ventures is the latest product we have helped to launch to the UK market.  This innovative product, which helps users carry, pour and store bags with ease, had already won the DIY Week Garden Accessory of the Year Award but our brief was to promote it to the wider trade market as well as introducing it to end consumers.


The cornerstone of the campaign was a series of press releases, each tailored to its specific target audience.  For example, the consumer press release outlined how the product would make users lives easier and stress-free, whereas the trade release highlighted the potential selling power of the Camel Bag Clip!  We also offered our top ten media targets a free Handy Camel Bag Clip to try for themselves – very often getting a new product into the hands journalists helps encourage them to feature it.

A video had already been produced which enabled us to “show” journalists exactly how the product worked and its many benefits.  The result has been coverage in a number of weekly trade and consumer publications as well as securing coverage in future key monthly titles.

If you would like to know how Paskett PR can help you promote your new product just call 01332 258 335 for an informal chat or email louisecarlin@paskett.co.uk or hollydaulby@paskett.co.uk.


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