Seed conundrum!

Every week in the office we receive the latest gardening magazines, which helps us keep abreast of industry news. An added bonus to this is the huge amount of free seed packets we receive along with the magazines.

SeedBlogAs you can see, we have built up quite a collection!

But what to do with so many wonderful seeds? Marie, our junior account executive, decided it was time to get planting!

It took a while to organise everything, planting all the different packets according to the instructions but they have now all found homes!

After splashing out on a new greenhouse, it was soon filled up with tray after tray of seeds.  Everything looked ship shape and the waiting game begun.

However, Britain’s unpredictable weather decided to put a spanner in the works by blowing the greenhouse over. Marie now has no idea which seeds are in which tray and they are having to work a little harder to sprout up through the compost rather than resting on top of it as the packets instructed.SeedlingBlog

After a wait, May saw some mixed results. Clearly some seeds did not like their brief trip outside the greenhouse and have stubbornly refused to grow. Luckily, a few brave souls fought through and we now have a tray of mystery seedlings. If anyone can identify them, please let us know!

We’ll be keeping you posted on how Marie and her seedlings are getting on so check back for updates!


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