Try before you buy!

Building relationships with key bloggers and journalists is a vital element to public relations. A great way of establishing these links is with samples and product trials.

Samples are a simple means of showing off products and striking up a line of discourse with reviewers and industry insiders, whilst naturally boosting the brand’s presence in print and online.

Here in the office we receive a lot of free seed packets from various magazines and they are an ideal example of building brand loyalty. In giving away a free packet of seeds, the producer is letting a customer experience how good the seeds are which encourages them to stick with the brand when buying future seeds.

Product trials are another manner of getting a brand out on to both media and consumer radars. Bloggers and journalists are often happy to receive product to trial and review on the premise that the item will be sent back in a usable condition to you. This exercise is often a great way of building brand recognition – if you’ve physically tried something you’re more likely to think of it in the future.

Contacting potential reviewers to arrange a product trial is a low maintenance process, ensuring a brand is filtered throughout various media circles whilst retaining potentially expensive product. One item can be sent and returned multiple times to a selection of journalists to trial in quick succession and proves a great way of getting the client in front of the desired people!

Our top tip – a reliable courier will make the job much easier and most deliveries can be booked online!


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