Gardening in the Office

How would you feel about tomatoes growing about your head, or even finding the odd paddy field sprouting up whilst delivering an important meeting?

image for blog 071015

Well, Japan are ahead of us. I read in the news last week that at the Tokyo headquarters of the Pasona Group, a staffing company, tomatoes dangle from the ceiling, herbs grow fragrantly in the meeting rooms and rice paddy is the lobby’s centrepiece. I can really picture this in the Paskett office!

The positioning of the plants and their intended purpose focuses on relaxing the employees, which we all know can be very useful! This is also suggested to then encourage innovative thinking about agriculture and create a sense of community, as workers feed and tend to the crops.

This may catch on, as another benefit that can be taken from this project, is the fact that the foods grown and nurtured within the office are then prepared and served in the company cafeteria, truly organic produce!

Here’s some more examples of bringing the outdoors into urban life!

If you feel as though this would be great for your office environment, let us know which herbs and vegetables you would choose and why by contacting


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