Gardening According To The Phases Of The Moon

Working in the world of gardening, I think that it’s important to keep abreast of the many different techniques and theories there are out there, with regard to growing and planting.

One that I find particularly interesting is the practice of gardening according to the phases of the moon. It is said that this technique can speed up the germination of seeds by working with the forces of nature.

The theory is that plants respond to the gravitational pull of the moon, in the same way that the seas and oceans do, alternately stimulating root and leaf growth. Using this method, seeds sprout faster, and harvests are larger.


Having been practised for hundreds of years, this is no new fad, but does it work?

According to practisers of the technique, Lunar planting is influenced by two factors; the lunar phase and the astrological signs of the zodiac.

The lunar phase controls the amount of moisture in the soil, with the soil having the most moisture during a new and a full moon. This is because the moon’s gravitational force pulls the water within the earth towards it, just as it pulls the tides towards it. Independent tests have confirmed that seeds do, in fact, absorb more water during the full moon.

The astrological signs of the zodiac, as we know, correspond with the elements of fire, air, earth and water. Every plant, it is said, has a preference for which elemental sign it is planted in. For example, root crops prefer the earth signs, whilst annuals have a preference for the fertile water signs. The moon sign changes every few days, and should be taken into account when planting.

So, if you’re planning on planting some lettuce or cabbage, it’s best to wait until the moon is in Taurus, or if you prefer to grow beautiful, scented flowers, try Libra.

This Christmas sees our first full moon on Christmas Day for 38 years and, with the moon in Scorpio at the time, it is apparently the perfect day for a spot of pruning… but it may also be the perfect day to put your feet up and get stuck into the Quality Street too… I know which I will be doing!


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