Noises off


On Friday evening (18th March) my wife and I heard a commotion out in the paddock and went outside to investigate.  There is an outside security light that illuminates the area.  We tiptoed over towards the noises to within about five feet of two three quarter grown badgers who were having a real set-to.

They were go engrossed in their pugilistic antics that they did not notice us and we watched them for a good three minutes.  It was a really viscous fight with bites and claws.  One of the protagonists suffered a long slash over its rump that was bleeding quite heavily.

Finally Jennifer asked them, in a deliberately high pitched voice, “what on earth do you think you are doing?” at which the battle immediately stopped.  They looked around and, although we were clearly visible, seemed not to see us immediately.  They both sat up, searching and eventually one of them spotted us.  They both galloped off across the paddock to the hedgerow and towards their sett.  The injured badger was just as fast as the other one.

It is a very large sett beneath an ancient oak tree and looks for all the world as though a JCB has been earth moving.  We regularly see badgers on our late evening walks down the drive and almost every night they lift the small cast iron covers off the storm drains, presumably to get at the water.

The two problems they cause are that they regularly plough up my lawns and, more sadly, they have seen off the hedgehogs that used to frequent our ground.



It’s show time!

Show season is now well and truly upon us!

Inevitably, as a gardening pr agency, spring is our busiest time of year as people are getting back out in the great outdoors. And with that comes one of our favourite things… show time!

For us the show season kicked off with the Garden Press Event at the Barbican in February and our next day out was last Friday when we went to the Edible Garden Show.

It was our first time to the show and a quick trip down the road to Stoneleigh Park made for a lovely Friday!

We arrived bright and early to make the most of the busy day. Armed with our show guide we planned our day, factoring in pre-arranged meetings with guest speakers and exhibitors; checking in at the press office; attending the talks (of particular interest was Jonathan Mosely’s talk on Easter displays) as well as regularly checking that our clients exhibiting (Wilkinson Sword, WOLF-Garten, Irrigatia and Nemaslug) were ok.


IMG_1712       DSC_0049DSC_0059

The Edible Garden Show is teamed with the Good Life Live so, after making our way around the first hall and seeing everything the gardening side had to offer, we ventured into the second hall for cookery demonstrations, food tasting and an exploration of the village green artisan market.

The great day out was made all the better by a trip to the Small Holder Zone where we made friends with goats, pigs, chickens and sheep.


Based on this sign we hoped the pigs couldn’t (?) read…


To make it two shows in a week this Wednesday I visited the Country Living Spring Fair. A great show at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Our client the Posh Shed Company was unveiling its newest shed, the Southwold, there. It took pride of place right in front of the doors on the Lucy Summers Living stand. The four beach hut style sheds lined up in the show entrance and certainly caught everyone’s eye; I overheard some great comments about the shed and the entire “beside the seaside” themed stand.


It’s full steam ahead from here on out now! Over the next few months show we’ll be attending include the Harrogate Spring Flower Show; Malvern; the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show; Tatton Park; Gardeners’ World Live; and Countryside Live. We hope to see you there!