Over the past year we have noticed an emerging presence of hedgehogs in the media – and we’re all for it!

“Spot the hedgehog” has almost become a daily game in the Paskett PR office when we catch up with the day’s news and Twitter feeds.

This week is the Hedgehog Preservation Society’s Hedgehog Awareness Week and our social media has been awash with cute photos of hedgehogs – even more than ever!

They say a photo tells a thousand words, and that is seemingly never more true than a photo of a hedgehog. Put one photo of a hedgehog on social media and its gets instant likes and retweets.

Which begs the question are hedgehogs the new #CatsOfInstagram?! Hope the interest in hedgehogs will lead to an increased awareness of the plight of hedgehog which will result in more and more people creating hedgehogs habitats.

In writing this post I’ve discovered celebrity hedgehogs…  Let me introduce you to the next wave of “A-listers”, meet Hodge Huffington (@huffthehedgehog) who recently shot to fame when his vampire teeth got him online recognition, he has over 34,000 followers on Instagram and only joined in February! But Hodge has a long way to go before he catches up with @darcytheflyinghedgehog who has 363,000 followers then at the top of the charts with 570,000 followers is @biddythehedgehog!!

So perhaps hedgehogs are more social media savvy than we give them credit for!