A Weekend at Kew Gardens

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding being held in the magnificent Kew Gardens.
I have very fond memories of Kew, having visited many years ago with my grandfather, but for one reason or another I hadn’t been since. For this reason I was particularly excited about this wedding, and this is coming from a committed wedding fan!

I was not disappointed. We were picked up from our hotels at three, and driven to the grounds, where we were afforded the luxury of walking around the garden (very slowly in my 6 inch heels) for an hour or so before the service began.

And what a service it was! The chosen venue, the Nash Conservatory, was bedecked in an array of fragrant white blooms, from (my personal favourite) freesias to roses to peonies, which the bride also carried in an elegant bouquet.

When the ceremony was over, we walked over to the breath-taking Princess of Wales Conservatory, through paths of irises, alliums, lavender and a thousand other types of flower! Once in the conservatory, we were greeted by a vision of green, as we were in the rainforest zone. We sipped Champagne (it was a French wedding after all!), listened to the jazz band who were nestled in the canopy, and admired the marvel of nature, and how it was being so well recreated in a country totally alien to it.


After the (3hour!) champagne reception it was finally time to eat. Our final destination for the evening was the Orangery.


Moving away from the previous pure white and green colour scheme, the couple had here opted to place three large vases of flowers on each table, each one a different bright colour – our table had cornflowers, fantastically yellow and red roses, and delphiniums, whilst the children’s table had sunflowers, gerberas and hyacinths.










Having revisited Kew this weekend, I know that I will not leave it so long until the next time, and cannot think of a more beautiful setting for a wedding, no matter what the season!



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