The Tomato Sitter??

Are homeowners still really getting in a tomato/plant sitter while they go on holiday to look after their crops – the horticultural equivalent of a house sitter?
I must say I was surprised to read this in a recent Times article. Surely in today’s modern day and age more sophisticated methods could be utilised, such as the Irrigatia system.

Irrigatia - 5
An online customer survey conducted by our client Irrigatia earlier this year found that homeowners are enjoying complete peace of mind when on holiday knowing their prized plants back home are getting their liquid needs when required, delivered naturally by their automatic watering system – therefore not having to rely on friends, family or neighbours.
It really is the 21st century irrigation solution for domestic gardens that does all the hard work for you, just set it up and go!
Unlike electronic timer systems that deliver water at a set time, this solar powered system automatically judges their needs and waters every three hours. The longer the daylight hours and the greater the light intensity in a day the more the system waters. The volume of water can be manually adjusted to suit individual watering needs.
More than 350 homeowners across the UK participated in the Irrigatia online survey. Over 70% stated ‘holiday watering’ was the key reason they choose the Irrigatia system followed by the fact that it uses rainwater from a water butt, and is weather responsive.

Yes, I believe Irrigatia is the new tomato sitter!

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