A picture is worth a thousand words… or is it?

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in the world of pr that isn’t quite true.

For us, a  good picture is priceless.

This is never more true than in the digital age of social media, skim reading, scrolling newsfeeds and shortening attention spans. A good quality photo is the first thing that people see and is the attention grabbing thing that gets people to read on.

We are constantly stressing the value of good photography to our clients. No matter how well a press release is written (which in our case is always excellent!), it will usually be vastly improved with strong accompanying images.

Working in gardening particularly, and dealing with the lifestyle media, we regularly find that good photography is essential. A key way of getting brand exposure is by having a strong library of lifestyle images that the media can access; it’s a great way of getting product placement whilst also showing off the products in their natural environment.


One of our clients that we have really found that photography is a big driver of coverage for is The Posh Shed Company, and last week Fay and I spent the day down in Hereford on a photoshoot with them. The beauty of Posh Shed products is that we are able to offer garden photography to the media, which just so happens to feature a Posh Shed. It’s isn’t overtly branded and the product placement is subtle, whilst the garden is beautiful and completed by the addition of the shed! In fact, we’ve even utilised some old Posh Shed on our website for this very reason!


Not ones to miss an opportunity we attended armed with tools from one of our other clients, Wilkinson Sword, and took up the chance to cross-promote our clients by dressing the Posh Sheds with the Wilkinson Sword tools to make the set up all the more authentic, whilst creating opportunities for both clients!


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