Game, sett and match


The “Toon” gang are back in my garden and I’m not referring to roaming gangs of Newcastle United supporters but Bill Brock and his family.   We have some bank work in my Staffordshire garden and I noticed over the Christmas holiday that an old sett that, to my knowledge, has been unoccupied for at least 20 years, has been re-worked.  It is now a desireable detached country residence for Mr and Mrs Badger with, no doubt, a family to follow in the spring.

It’s not only the actual sett itself that gives their presence away.  They cannot help themselves from digging for worms and other delicacies in my lovely lawns.    It is beginning to look rather like a deserted battlefield with chunks of turf torn up and strewn haphazardly around as though munitions have exploded.   I am planning some low fencing to prevent them renovating the herbaceous border but how do I stop them hoovering up the bird food?


My five-year old granddaughter, Annabel, has very wisely suggested that I leave some notices asking them to refrain.  The trouble is that I don’t know what language badgers use.  Any advice will be appreciated.



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