It’s now my 6th week as a Paskett PR intern!

These past few weeks have definitely flown by as there has been lots of interesting things that I have been involved in here as part of the Paskett PR team.

Last week I was lucky enough to go along to Warwick so that I could see for myself what a client meeting consists of. It was great to see the amount of ideas that get bounced around between everyone! I found that everything has to be organised and planned well in advance in order to make the biggest impact on the upcoming releases and campaigns.

No two days are the same

My time in the office has been spent carrying out various different research tasks. From finding the craziest, biggest hedges, to looking for people who might be interested in using the space in a window unit at a shopping centre. The exercises have definitely been varied.

One of the things I have been doing today is some writing for competitions that will be going in The Sun. I have realised it can actually be quite hard to cut down product descriptions for gardening tools – they have so many details and specifications, even for a fork and spade!

As I carry on with my internship I am looking forward to writing some press releases, and perhaps even seeing some of my work being published. Getting feedback from clients on research that I have done for them will also be rewarding, knowing that I am actively partaking in helping the team.

Keep an eye out for more of my intern updates!



Are increasing badger numbers a factor in hedgehog decline?


There was an interesting article in The Times on Monday (6.02.17) “Hedgehogs go missing from gardens” discussing recent research carried out by the magazine BBC Gardeners’ World.   It highlighted the dramatic decline in these delightful animals in our gardens and total numbers have plummeted from 36 million in the 1950s to less than a million by 2003.

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