Imparting our knowledge (hopefully!)

As the UK’s leading gardening and lifestyle pr agency, we regularly receive emails from students seeking work experience and wanting to learn more about the world of pr, but regrettably, we often have to turn down requests.

Personally, I strongly believe in the benefits of work experience and it’s the first place I look when we receive a cv. A strong work experience section stands out from other candidates and shows dedication from the very beginning; it demonstrates a real enthusiasm to get out there and actively seek opportunities off your own back.

I undertook four placements at leading London agencies whilst I was studying and found the lessons I learnt there invaluable. It’s a great way to see the workings of a pr agency, even just observing meetings and office conversations gave me an insight into the world of pr and confirmed that it was the path I wanted to take.

It would be amazing to help out every single student that approached us but obviously that wouldn’t be possible – we wouldn’t have any time left to spend with our clients! Getting the balance right can be tricky, and you have to question how involved someone can truly become in just one week. So when Derby Uni approached us last year about taking on an intern for an extended period we jumped at the chance!

I think someone can gain much better experience doing a day a week for five weeks, for example, than they can in five days crammed into one week. They can see a project through its various stages and learn so much more along the way.

Olivia joined us five weeks ago now (which has flown past!) and we work together on a different project and skill each week to ensure she’s experiencing a variety of work across all clients, as well as being involved with Paskett PR work and helping to develop the business.

I’m incredibly grateful for the internship opportunities I was granted and really believe they gave me the foot in the door that helped get my cv off to a good start from day one, and it’s great to be able to pay that back to the industry and help Olivia.



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