Re-raising Lazarus the Prunus tree

Following Storm Doris we lost four trees in our Staffordshire garden but one of them – a very mature Prunus – has been renamed Lazarus.  It crashed down onto the lawns and was in a terrible mess.  The root ball was about four meters high.   I spent hours cutting off the top and all the branches leaving the main trunk which, at the root, was half a meter diameter.

Using my battery powered chain saw, and staring at the top and thinner end of the trunk, I cut up into useful log lengths.  The main trunk divided into two so there was plenty of cutting up. After a couple of hours my back was aching so I decided to step down into the hole behind the upturned root ball and began trimming off the main roots.

Suddenly, there was a creaking noise and very gently the root ball and remaining trunk, which is about three meters high, began to tip backwards.  I had to jump out of the root hole very rapidly or would have been partially buried.  Now, the remaining trunk, free of any foliage or side branches, is sitting in its original hole and looks rather like an American Indian totem pole.


It will be very interesting to see if it re-roots itself and continues to grow.  Watch this space!



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