Paskett PR Visits RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

Here at Paskett PR, one of the perks of the job is being able to attend some of the wonderful, annual flower shows that happen up and down the country.

Last week Holly and I took a trip to the inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, which had the added benefit of being just up the road from us in Derby! Fortunately for us we chose to visit on the Friday, by all accounts the only day to not be blighted by torrential rainstorms. In fact, it was a rather balmy summer’s day as we entered the grounds, and we felt quietly smug that we had missed the previous days’ downpours.


That said, I am sure that we would have enjoyed the visit just as much had we been rained on – the setting, of course, is breath-taking; anyone who has visited Chatsworth House will know that it is a masterpiece in architecture and landscaping, with the picturesque Derbyshire countryside providing a striking background and the imposing Emperor’s Fountain an ever-present reminder that this was once one of the most important estates in the country. It is, in fact, hard to imagine a more perfect setting for a day out.


As for the show itself, this was a thoroughly enjoyable, and inspirational event. Not only were there a number of our very own clients, including the Posh Shed Company, Irrigatia, and Forest Garden, to name a few, but there were also a few interesting brands that were new to us, which is always good to find – we were particularly impressed by some beautiful, copper swinging seats – Myburgh Designs, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re in need of some pr!

The show gardens were diverse, with the Best Show Garden award going to the IQ Quarry Garden, by Paul Hervey-Brooks. This was, in my opinion, a worthy winner, with its design feeling both naturalistic and industrial, showing how nature can overcome areas once taken over by man, such as disused quarry sites.

The Great Conservatory was a real show stopper. The inspiration from the original Joseph Paxton build that once stood in the gardens was clearly evident, but the use of modern inflatable technology to create this incantation of it, along with the cutting edge, living art installation (CityScapes) at its centre, made it clear that this is a flower show that is proud of its heritage but not stuck in the past.


Walking through the floral marquees, it took every shred of self-restraint to keep our purses firmly in our pockets, although I do regret not indulging in a couple of roses – two for £20 should not be sneezed at!


As we stopped for lunch, during the only real rain of the day, we took advantage of the deck chairs surrounding the bandstand, which was playing host to a three-piece playing modern day songs in the style of a 1940s jazz band, as flower-strewn girls danced on the grass. What more is there to say?!

Well done Chatsworth, we will be back next year!



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