The weeds – they are a changing

I don’t know what the reason for this change is but so far in 2017 the crop of weeds in my garden has undergone a subtle but fairly dramatic change. It could have been the virtually frost free winter, or some other meteorological pattern shift, but changes are most certainly afoot.

The mainstay of my usual weed crop is dandelion, closely followed by groundsel. But this year their presence has been eclipsed by shepherd’s purse and the dreaded rosebay willowherb. The latter is everywhere from cracks in paths to infestation in the vegetable case and even under the benches in my greenhouse. The miserable shepherd’s purse really is a nuisance as it sheds its little white seeds at the slightest touch.



We have always had both around the garden but nothing like the quantities of this season.

Has anyone else witnessed a change in weeds this season? Any thoughts on what the cause might be will be welcome.

Another strange phenomenon is the sudden appearance of an almost blue coloured, low growing and very tough grass in the vegetable cage. Even if the soil is damp, I need a trowel to get the roots out. It is all very strange.

The vegetables too seem to be changing. Last year we had so many broad beans that my wife was giving carrier bags full of them to neighbours and friends. I have grown the same quantity this year but fear we will be lucky to get half a dozen pickings from them. 2016 was the most brilliant year for apples, eaters and cookers. We had the most lovely blossom this year and, with little or no frost, will it be an even heavier crop? Time will tell.

Happy gardening.



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