What does Fake News mean for PR?

The term Fake News has become synonymous with Donald Trump and whilst on the surface it may just seem like an easy get out of answering even the most straightforward questions, I hate to say it, he may have a point.

I want to be very clear here though – I’m not saying I agree with him! Absolutely not! But to some extent news agendas and their reliability and credibility is under scrutiny. Particularly with digital platforms and social media facilitating rapid growth in rumour and speculation.

In its “‘17 for 17’: 17 Recommendations for Great Communications in 2017”, the PRCA says that “While 2016 saw much discussion of political fake news; in future, businesses will also be subject of aggressive campaigns based on misinformation.”* Fake news is resulting in a new role emerging for pr professionals, as our job is now also about stopping misinformation whilst protecting and promoting the truth. The good thing for us as PR people is that this means that journalists are coming to rely on us more than ever!

Businessman standing and reading newspaper

For me, PR is all about reputation. Not just the reputation of your clients and the agency you work for but also your professional reputation. It may often seem there’s an easy option to take but that may put your reputation on the line and frankly, it isn’t worth it! All material a pr person puts out – every press release, every email, every tweet – is a reflection of their credibility and effects their reputation, not just the client and their agency.

In this industry, your reputation absolutely proceeds you and word soon gets around! Journalists need to know that they can trust you, if they do your relationship will flourish and they’ll need you as much as you need them.

At Paskett PR our media relationships are one of the accolades of which we are most proud. Just take a look at the “Blooming Brilliant” page on our website to see what they’ve got to say about us!



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