5 Useful Things You Can Do With Grass Clippings

Many people will be continuing to mow their lawns until at least October and, for many, the resulting grass clippings, and how to dispose of them, pose a real problem.  But they are valuable in the garden and here are five really useful things you can do with the grass clippings:

  • Use them as a mulch around the base of fruit trees to help retain moisture and nutrients
  • Spread them liberally along the base of raspberry canes. This not only helps retain moisture but suppresses weed growth


  • If growing runner beans either in rows or wigwams, weed and then water the area between the beans. Next spread several inches of clippings in the same area to seal in the moisture


  • Mix them with falling leaves in the autumn, particularly beech if you have these trees, and make a separate compost heap. The resulting mixture is excellent to use in the garden the following spring


  • Use several inches of grass clippings as a non-dig method of growing potatoes, mixing the clippings with straw.

In really dry weather remove the clippings box from your machine and leave the cuttings to simply mulch down and benefit the grass, by returning nutrients and moisture back into the soil.

Happy gardening!


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