The Camden Highline

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog about a train line… In a previous post I talked about one of my favourite spots in New York, The High Line – a stunning escape from the busy city where a disused train line has been converted to an elevated public garden walkway.

new york

A new crowd funding project has been announced that will replicate the High Line in New York and personally, I think it’s a great idea. The Camden Highline, which has been backed by Sadiq Khan, comes at a time when the highly discussed Garden Bridge project has been axed, so it offers a new alternative.

The proposed project will see an old and overgrown railway line, which runs adjacent to the overground track, being transformed to provide a walkway for pedestrians and cyclists between the iconic Camden Market and Kings Cross. The space will be 800 metres long, 18 metres wide and 8 metres high.

Initiatives like this are a great way of taking unused, unloved and long forgotten areas and, instead of leaving them to go to ruin, transforming them into beautiful, usable public spaces for now and generations to come. One of the great things about the New York High Line is the way it is multi-functional so grants, not only a means of getting from A to B whilst avoiding traffic and having a more scenic view, but it also has seating, musicians, art displays and cafes. And, of course, a variety of intricate planting, all designed and selected with a different consideration in mind.

Plans are still in the early stages for the Camden Highline but with the funding now secured I’m sure there will be more to come on this very soon and we look forward to hearing about the design and types of planting, as well as the sustainability of the walkway.



Find out more here


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