A new season for new gardening goals

I can’t believe summer is finally coming to an end and the new school year has already begun, time really does fly!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, especially that first day when you step outside and the air feels fresher and crisper for the first time in months.  It brings with it all sorts of pleasant feelings as you experience one of the most significant visual changes – the changing colours of leaves on the trees from green to stunning vibrant browns, reds and oranges.


The new season also brings with it new goals and new things to focus on in the garden.  The next couple of months will be perfect for carrying out some autumn garden maintenance tasks to help you prepare your garden for winter.


Here are some top tips:

Clear fallen leaves – keep lawns free from fallen leaves.  Don’t delay clearing leaves until the end of autumn, if left for long periods, they can have a damaging effect on the lawn and cause it to turn yellow.

Control weeds – continue to eradicate weeds in the autumn to prevent them from building up in the winter.  Early autumn is an excellent time to control many lawn weeds, especially tough perennial weeds such as clover.

Control pests – Spray out aphids as autumn is a critical period for eradicating them from the garden and greenhouse.

Planting – autumn is the perfect time to harvest potatoes, onions and shallots, tomatoes, runner beans, lettuce, rocket, spring onions and other late salad crops.

Spring clean your greenhouse in autumn – this will help reduce overwintering pests and diseases.  Remove the plants before sweeping out any plant debris.  Disinfect the greenhouse paths and staging, and the inside of the glass too.

Lawn maintenance – Cutting the lawn is also important if the weather stays mild, to keep it healthy and tidy.

Garden tools – keep garden tools in pristine condition.  Remove rust, sharpen pruners and disinfect them regularly with a cleaning agent.  Give your mower a good clean and replace spark plugs and blades in readiness for spring growth.


Happy autumn gardening!



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